Кто я?
A trip
This story happened long ago
On a rainy day as such.
I’ve had a drastic business trip,
Though didn’t like it much.
I heard it, clear as a bell:
“C’mon! It’s time to go!”
To go to where? Yo, man, c’mon!
Would ya explain it all?

The explanation didn’t do
As much as it really should.
“You must to fly to Kongo, pal,
And wade through mangrove woods”.
“You see, the thing you do not get –
Why we have chosen you –
With all respect, for this prospect
You’re best in our crew!”

I’m best… of course. I cannot wait
For twenty hours flight!
But I have nothing to suggest.
So… Time to say “goodbye!”
Goodbye, my home! My sweet-sweet home
With fridge and microwave…
So long, my bed! I’ll be okay!
Ta-ta, the rainy day!

So here I go – the date is set.
I packed my leather case.
Standing inside the airport –
“Zimbabwe Airways”.
The sun is gone – it’s all black now
Before my very eyes.
There are no seats in goddamn plane!
All standing! Jesus Christ!

I’m dying… Half a day on foot…
Somebody, kill me now!
Or better – give me parachute!
I’ll jump! Just let me down!
Of course, I didn’t say it loud -
Nobody hears my plea…
Our plane is drifting through the clouds.
Zimbabwe’s on the way.

We’re going down and down and down –
He doesn’t think to stop!
I scream, I cry – then I woke up
All wet, just like Sponge Bob.
I’ve seen a lot of weird dreams,
But this one got me mad.
I think – I’ll never go again
To brown continent.